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ESXi не видит SATA контроллер

Есть мнение, что возможна ситуация, когда ESXi, устанавливаемый на сервер с SATA контроллером, ошибочно определяет его как IDE. Если такое случилось, можно попробовать следующую инструкцию:

* Use the instructions on this blog for creating a bootable usb stick with the contents of the ESXi installation ISO. These instructions will show you a simple way of updating the pci.ids and simple.map files so that your sata controller is recognised by ESXi.




* Boot from the usb stick and once you get to the Welcome to the VMware ESX Server screen, hold down Ctrl + Alt and press F1 to switch to a different console

* Login as root with a blank password

* If you have followed the instructions in the above blog and your sata disks were detected by vmkernel then check the output of the following commands to confirm this:

o fdisk -l
o ls /dev/disks
o esxcfg-vmhbadevs

* All of the above commands should show you some vmhbaXX devices, where one of these will be the usb stick and others will be your sata disks.If these don't show you a vmhbaXX device other than your usb stick, then either the vmkernel didn't recognise your disks(check pci.ids/simple.map files) or your controller is not supported at all

IMPORTANT: ESXi seems to format ALL usable disks installed into the system during the installation and so do not keep any data on the machine you are installing ESXi onto. It should be a totally bare metal machine whose contents can be trashed!

* Change directory to the /usr/lib/vmware/installer/Core/ folder

cd /usr/lib/vmware/installer/Core/

* Use the vi editor to modify the TargetFilter.py file

* In the IDEFilter() function, change the return line so that it matches what is shown below:

Original line: return interface.GetInterfaceType() == ScsiInterface.SCSI_IFACE_TYPE_IDE

Modified line: return interface.GetInterfaceType() == ScsiInterface.SCSI_IFACE_TYPE_ISCSI

* Save the file and run the installer again by typing in:


NOTE: It seems the installer automatically switches the console upon running and so you need to switch back to the first console by holding down CTRL+ALT and pressing F1

You should be able to continue with the install as normal from now on.

Reply to this thread if this worked or not. Also, this is COMPLETELY unsupported by VMware as you are using hardware not in their certified as compatible list!

Источник - тема с форума Installing ESXi on whiteboxes? Were your sata disks not detected? Try this...

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  1. Есть такая проблема - на proliant dl160 g8 не видит массив на встроенном b120i sata raid-контроллере. Видит отдельно 4 диска, хотя массив собран (4 харда в 10).

    1. Не решили вопрос?
      Та же ситуация с этим же контроллером


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