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Vkernel SearchMyVM Appliance

Интересный Virtual appliance - Vkernel SearchMyVM Appliance Beta 1.0.

Представляет из себя "локальный гугл" :) для вашей виртуальной инфраструктуры.

Скачиваем эту ВМ, импортируем, запускаем.
Необходимая настойка - минимальна:

Теперь, получаем строку поиска с возможностью сложных запросов:

С возможностью создания собственных запросов через мастер:

На выходе получаем результаты:

Их пока проблематично куда то экспортировать, но скорее всего эта возможность еще добавиться.

источник - A Hands On Review of SearchMyVM.
его резюме

Key strengths :

* Extremely easy configuration. You can have this appliance up and running within 15 minutes.
* Support for the OVF format. This cuts down the provisioning time dramatically.
* Fast Indexing - Our indexing appeared to cover 500 guests and 25 hosts within 15 minutes of connecting to virtual center. Although I was only searching for base objects like virtual machines and hosts at that time, other objects like VMware Tools status may have taken longer.
* Very well written help files and examples - I don't see any written documentation available on their website yet, but the help files contained within the appliance are more than enough to get started.

Thing I would like to see in future releases:

* The ability to export query results to remote shares. Being able to view query results is good, but being able to *use* query results would make this product a must have.
* The ability to drill down into search results. Search results are currently static.
* Plain English queries. Currently the query format is very structured, it would be nice to be able to use commands like "show vms with attached cdrom".
* Support for SCVMM and XenCenter.

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  1. Возможность экспорта в XML и PDF уже добавлена в версии SearchMyVM 3.0, сейчас уже доступна 4-я версия.


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