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Подборка страшных слов

Хорошая подборка терминов, включая разные новые vСлова, которыми оперирует VMware касательно виртуальной инфраструктуры:

Делиться все это на три категории:
* Application vServices - Availability, Security, Scalability
* Infrastructure vServices - vCompute, vStorage, vNetwork and vCloud
* Management vServices - vCenter (the new name for VirtualCenter)

Application Services

* HA, VMotion, Storage VMotion, NIC/HBA teaming
* VMware Fault tolerance, formerly known as “Continuous availability” - which allows a VM to run on two hosts simultaneously, using lock-stepping of CPU instructions. (new)
* vCenter Data Recovery - built-in disk-based backup and recovery of VMs and the files within them, including data deduplication. (new)


* ESXi, a stripped-down hypervisor in only 32 MB of code, to reduce the attack surface
* VMware vSafe (first announced at VMworld Europe), with third party support add-ons from IBM, Checkpoint, Radware and McAfee, who will announce their first products today (new)


* Hot add of virtual CPU, memory and PCIe devices like network adapters (new)
* Very large VMs with 8 virtual CPUs and 256 GB of RAM (new)

Infrastructure Services


* CPU/Memory optimization with hardware assists, page sharing and memory ballooning
* VMDirectPath - enabling wirespeed network access to VMs (new)
* Paravirtualized SCSI - providing more iops per second at lower latency (new)


* Linked clones (first demonstrated at VMworld 2007 in San Francisco) - allows multiple VMs to run from the same base disk (new)
* Storage VMotion
* Thin Provisioning (new)
* APIs to closer work together with storage arrays (new)


* more offload technologies to reduce virtualization overhead
* Distributed vNetwork virtual switches (new)
* Third-party virtual switches - the first one to be announced today by Cisco (new)

Cloud Services (vCloud)

* VMotion and Storage VMotion (within the “internal cloud”)
* VMware vCloud (new)
* Network vMotion - preserving network and security policies when a virtual machine is being migrated (new)
* vApp - an encapsulation of a VM and its policies and service levels, based on OVF (new)


vCenter replaces VirtualCenter, and integrates the add-on products today known as Stage Manger, Lab Manager and the likes. It integrates withing other management frameworks from the likes of IBM and CA.

* vCenter AppSpeed - performance monitoring and remediation to guarantee service levels. (new)
* vCenter Orchestrator - to automate repetitive workflows
* vCenter CapacityIQ - proactive capacity planning for entire VI environments
* vCenter Chargeback - to allow IT departments or cloud service providers to charge based on VM usage
* vCenter ConfigControl - called “update manager on steroids” by VMware, a central way to configure and update the virtual data center
* Host Profiles - to standardize the setup of ESX hosts using templates

Источник - The Virtual Infrastructure Evolves Into The Virtual Datacenter OS.

Дружно ждем vPhone, который позволит запускать msWin на iPhone?
это такая попытка пошутить :)

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  1. я vПолном vОтпаде!

  2. А есть официальные переводы все этих терминов?

  3. У меня нет данных.
    Я бы их переводить не стал - ибо все равно будут фигурировать в оригинале в документации, интерфейсе и пр.


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