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VMworld sessions public access

VMware открыла свободный доступ к докладам с прошедших VMworld - http://www.vmworld.com/community/sessions/europe2009.Это ссылка на последний из них.


AP01 Best Practice for Successfully Virtualizing Active Directory
AP02 Best Practices for Deploying SharePoint/MOSS 2007 on VMware Infrastructure
AP03 Avoiding Pitfalls: The Hidden Costs of Managing your VMware Infrastructure
AP04 Optimizing SAP Production Systems on VMware
AP05 SQL Server Performance on VMware: Best Practices, Tuning and Troubleshooting
AP06 Timekeeping and Time-Sensitive Applications: Best Practices
AP07 Virtualized Oracle Database Server Performance and Best Practices *
AP08 Virtualizing Citrix XENApp Application Server
AP09 Virtualizing Exchange 2007 and BlackBerry Enterprise on VMware Infrastructure
AP10 Business Productivity using Application Virtualisation at Vodafone
AP11 Performance Best Practices
AP12 Managing Application Performance with vCenter AppSpeed
AP13 Latency-based Performance Analysis Before and After AppSpeed
AP14 Java/Web-tier applications on VMware ESX: Best Practices
AP15 Enterprise Application Performance and Scalability on ESX
Virtual Datacenter Operating System
DC01 An Introduction to VMware vCenter Orchestrator
DC02 Best Practices for Deploying VMware Lab Manager
DC04 vCenter Lifecycle Manager Technical Overview
DC06 Virtualization Management: Managing the Next-Generation Datacenter
DC07 What's New in vCenter Server *
DC08 vCenter Server for Linux
DC09 Virtualization Optimization: IT Intelligence/Capacity Management at SAS Institute
DC10 Choosing a Solution for VMware vCenter Server Availability
DC11 Achieving Infrastructure Agility Through Virtualization
DC12 How does VMware fit in with your management infrastructure?
DC13 Unifying the internal cloud while maintaining network trust separation with VMware vShield Zones
DC14 Overview of 2009 VMware datacenter products *
DC15 Hypervisor Competitive Differences: Beyond the Data Sheet *
DC16 vCenter Site Recovery Manager - Implementation Common Pitfalls and Best Practices
DC17 The Virtualization Landscape ? A Comparison of Virtualization Offerings
DC18 Introduction to VMware vCenter ConfigControl
DC19 Data Center Energy: Productivity Indicator
DC20 Reduce the Cost of Administering and Managing with VMware vCenter Life Cycle Manager
DC21 VMware - standardised Platform Provisioning for regulated Industries
DC22 Real-World Success with VMware Lab Manager and Stage Manager
DC23 Automated IT Service Delivery (with vCenter Lab, Stage and Lifecycle Manager)
DC24 VMware Infrastructure ? How it all fits together
DC25 VMware vCenter Data Recovery: Technical Overview
DC26 vStorage - Storage integration for the VDC-OS *
DC27 Virtualization And The Future Of Datacenter Security
DC28 VMware HA Cluster in Enterprise
DC29 Creating the Fastest Possible Backups Using VMware Consolidated Backup -A Design Blueprint
DC31 What?s New In the Enterprise Cloud ?
DC32 New Technologies Driving Cloud Based Services
DC33 How to make sure your private cloud is really secure
DC35 How VMware Uses Virtualization
Desktop Virtualization
DV01 VMware Client Virtualization: Next Steps in an Evolution of Mobile Computing
DV02 VDI versus Terminal Services
DV03 Virtualization on mobile phones? Why do I need that?
DV04 Simplifying Software Mgmt through Application Virtualization (part 1) (part 2)
DV05 Improving Desktop Application Deployment with ThinApp
DV06 Desktop Disaster Recover with View and SRM
DV07 Server and Storage Sizing for VMware View
DV08 Understanding TCO for VMware View (next gen VDI)
DV09 View Composer
DV11 VMware View Solution Overview
DV12 What's new with View 3
DV13 Mass Deployment of VMware Fusion
DV15 Breaking Down Desktop and Application Virtualization Alternatives
DV16 What's in a Display Protocol? Architecture and Advances in Remote Display Technology
DV17 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Adoption & Implications
DV19 Eurosong 2008 Belgrade on VMware VDI
DV20 VMware View Reference Architecture: Building Large and Small
DV21 Managing and Secure Hosted Virtual Desktops with Workstation/ACE 2.5, 6,5
DV22 VMware View - The Printing Session
DV23 Desktop and server Virtualization at Statistics Netherlands (CBS)
DV24 Project: Virtual Reality Check
DV25 ESX Server Plus WAN Optimization: Save Data Center Costs and Help Protect the Environment
Technology & Architecture
TA01 Managing VMware With PowerShell
TA02 Unattended Deployment of VMware Infrastructure 3
TA03 An Introduction to VMware vCenter Chargeback
TA04 VMware ESXi 3.0 Troubleshooting
TA05 Best Practices for running VI3 on NFS storage
TA06 VMware VMFS Deep Dive and Best Practices
TA07 Understanding "Host" and "Guest" Memory Usage and Other Memory Management Concepts
TA08 Patching your virtual Datacenter using Update Manager
TA09 PVSCSI: a paravirtualized storage adapter for ESX
TA10 Software Licensing in the Virtual Enterprise: Current Problems and Future Trends
TA11 Best Practices to Increase Availability and Throughput for the Future of VMware
TA12 Introducing VMware Converter 4.0: What's New and Different *
TA13 Virtual Infrastructure Orchestration at SAP's Demo Business
TA14 VMware ESXi and PXE
TA15 Protecting your vCenter Server with Server Heartbeat *
TA16 DRS technical overview and performance best practices
TA17 End-to-End Disaster Recovery Approach with Automated SRM Failback *
TA18 Breaking the physical boundaries with VMotion; A Technology Dive
TA20 Cisco Nexus 1000V Technical Preview *
TA21 VMware Infrastructure Networking New Features
TA22 Technology Preview: vCenter CapacityIQ
TA23 Virtual Infrastructures: Scale Up or Scale Out? Rack or Blade form factors?
TA24 Fault Tolerance Performance Preview
TA25 Introduction to Storage VMotion
TA26 Architecting Remote and Branch Offices for HA and DR
TA27 Best Practices for Running VMware on Ethernet Base Storage
Technical Partners
TP01 Working Together--Advanced Product Integration between NetApp and Vmware
TP02 Paving The Path To The Virtualised Data Centre
TP03 Engineering Developments enabling the Virtual Datacenter - VMware, Cisco and EMC
TP04 Applying Emerging Technologies to Enhance VMware environments
TP05 Integrating SAN-based Tools for Advanced Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
TP07 The End of the Beginning: The Next Phase of Virtual Infrastructure
TP08 Transitional and Transformational Client Management
TP09 Supporting Business Continuance SLA?s using VMware and CA Recovery Management
TP10 Managing VM Sprawl: Reducing Costs from the Data Centre to the Network
TP11 Intel Platform Advancements Accelerating the Next Generation of Virtualization
TP12 Consolidation of Performance Sensitive Applications
TP13 Virtualization for mission critical SAP environments with FlexFrame for SAP and VMware
TP14 Real high-availability for virtual IT
TP16 Virtualizing the SMB environment on a single-box with IBM BladeCenter S & VMware
TP17 The HP VMware End-to-End Solution: Helping you Rethink Virtualization in Business Terms
TP18 End-to-End Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with HP and VMware
TP19 User Experience - Critical Component to a Successful Desktop Virtualization Project
TP20 Next Steps: Now that You?ve Virtualized
TP21 Impact of FCoE Converged Networks on Virtualised Environments
TP22 Microsoft's Virtualization Strategy, Products and Solutions for the New Economy
TP23 An Optimized Approach to Workload Availability in Virtualized Environments
TP24 Why VDI?
TP25 Desktop Virtualization: What's Now and What's Next
TP26 Introducing BT's Virtual Data Centre - helping customer thrive in a changing world
TP27 Create a Richer, More Efficient VMware View environment with Wyse Thin Computing
TP28 Optimising your Data Centre for the Coming Cloud
TP29 Cloud Computing with Parallels: automate, virtualize and save now
TP30 The Efficiency Imperative: Consolidation and Automation in IT Operations
TP31 Dell, Veeam and VMware: Best practices for virtual environments
TP32 Virtualization: The Ultimate Catalyst For Aligning Business And IT
TP33 AMD Quad-Core: Driving New Levels of Efficiency for Virtualization in the datacenter
TP35 Creating a Next Generation Data Center with Workload Management
TP37 Architecting Deduplication and Virtualization for Best of Breed Data Protection
TP38 Automating Business Continuity with VMware SRM and Compellent Live Volume
TP39 Virtualizing Exchange 2007 on ESX 3.5
TP40 The Future of Linux is Software Appliances
TP41 Don't let your security guard down while you are focusing on the economies of virtualisation
TP42 Living in and Accelerating out of Virtual Environments
LAB01 Next Generation Datacenter Exploration
LAB02 Securing the Virtual DataCenter with VMware vShield Zones
LAB03 VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager
LAB04 VMware Life Cycle Manager
LAB05 VMware vCenter Lab Manager & vCenter Stage Manager
LAB06 VMware vCenter Data Recovery Tech Preview
LAB07 VMware vCenter AppSpeed
LAB08 Working with VMware View Manager and View Composer
LAB09 VMware ThinApp
LAB10 VMware View Manager 3 and Offline Desktops
LAB11 VMware VI Toolkit for Windows (powershell)
LAB12 vNetwork Distributed Switch Tech Preview : Cisco Nexus 1000v
LAB13 VMSafe Altor Networks VF Virtual Firewall

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