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Virtual Infrastructure Client в 64битной ОС

Virtual Infrastructure Client версии 2.5 в частности - 32 битное приложение. Если очень хочется запустить его в 64битной винде, способ есть. Вот тут, на форуме.
Там вы сможете прочитать следующее:

  • Run the installer. While it is sitting in the error message about needing a 32 bit OS find and copy "VMware Infrastructure Client 2.5.msi" in a subdirectory of the system temporary directory.
  • Find an MSI table editor. You can get one called Orca from a Microsoft SDK. (Search for orca.msi.)
  • Using orca, open the .msi file and delete the LaunchConditions steps from InstallUISequence and from InstallExecuteSequence. This new .msi file will install the program.
  • Trying to connect to a VM will now probably fail. This is because it needs to run in a 32 bit managed environment and the default is 64. You can either change the entire machine state to default to 32 bits using "c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\Ldr64.exe setwow" or use corflags.exe from Visual Studio to set the 32 bit env flag on the VI Client binary itself, using "corflags VpxClient.exe /32BIT+" in "C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client\Launcher". The corflags solution is cleaner since it only has to be done once and affects only VI Client. I assume the ldr64 command would have to be done after each boot and it is a global change.
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