вторник, 23 декабря 2008 г.

Unified Host Utilities Kit 5.0 for ESX Server

Углядел тут интересный пост на блоге про NetApp - Unified Host Utilities Kit 5.0 for ESX Server is Released.

Какая то штука, которая вроде как умеет, в частности:

There's a new utility that has been added, called mbrscan. The purpose of mbrscan is to identify wheather or not a VM has properly aligned partitions.

Ну, и многое другое.

Here's a list of the all the scripts included as part of the Unified Host Utilities Kit v5.0:
# install - Install script for the EHU
# brocade_info - Collects configuration information about Brocade FC switches
# cisco_info - Collects configuration information about Cisco FC switches
# config_hba - Utility used to set HBA parameters for communicating with NetApp storage devices. This script will get run as part of the installation and can be executed subsequently at any time. Support was added for 8GB FC HBAs and well as FCoE CNAs.
# config_mpath - Utility used to determine which of the available paths are primary paths and to set primary paths
# config_nfs - Utility used to set the NetApp recommended NFS Heartbeat settings.
# controller_info - Collects configuration information about NetApp storage devices.
# mbrscan - Utilty used to check vmdk files for proper alignment from the ESX console (for VMFS and NFS datastores), and from unix/linux (NFS datatstores).
# mcdata_info - Collects configuration information about McData FC switches
# qlogic_info - Collects configuration information about QLogic FC switches
# san_version - Prints the EHU version
# sanlun - collects information about the LUNs currently mapped to your host
# uninstall - Uninstall script for the EHU

Видимо, заточена она под NetApp СХД.

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  1. NetApp такие вещи под каждую ОС выпускает. В том числе и под ESX.

  2. Это набор утилит и скриптов под разные OS для задач администрирования. Выпускается, как правильно заметили выше, постоянно, под разные OS. Полезный инструмент.


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