пятница, 11 января 2008 г.

Разные СХД и ESX

Тут размышляют(на англ) о разных типах СХД применительно к ESX. С выводом я согласен - и FC, и iSCSI и NAS имеют свои области применения.
И в коментарии к этому посту интересная ссылка на другой пост, где рассказывается об успешном применении NAS. Цитата оттуда:

We purchased 2 dedicated Netapp 3070s and several new 8way ESX hosts for the new project. We also used an existing Netapp R200 to keep 21 says of snapshots for online backups. The R200 also serves as a failover I case of complete corruption of our primary system. Within 6 months we had completely migrated all of our VM’s off SAN and onto Netapp NFS. We now run almost 1000 VMs in this environment.

With our current Netapp IO load on the 3070’s, we estimate that we could add 2000 or more VMs to this configuration by simply adding ESX hosts. The Netapp 3070c IO is running 4MB on average with a few 30MB spikes during the day. Not one IO performance issue has arisen. Our VMware administrators says it’s even faster than our SAN when performing OS Builds, VMotion and Cloning.

We currently don’t run Exchange or Sqlserver VMs, however with 10Gbit and Infiniband solutions on the way I believe that soon all real servers will be virtual.
И в этом же посте еще несколько интересных ссылок про NFS + ESX.

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