вторник, 25 сентября 2007 г.

NFS и ESX - особое мнение

Есть мнение,что NFS'ом незаслужено пренебрегают, считая подходящими по скорости лишь FC\iSCSI системы хранения.
Отдельно интересна следующая цитата:

People may find this hard to believe, but the performance over NFS is actually better than FC or iSCSI not only in terms of throughtput but also in terms of latency. How can this be people ask? FC is 4Gb and Ethernet is 1Gb. I would say that this is a rather simplistic approach to performance. What folks don't realize is that:

  • ESX server I/O is small block and extremely random which means that bandwidth matters little. IOs and response time matter a lot.
  • You are not dealing with VMFS and a single managed disk I/O queue.
  • You can have a Single mount point across multiple IP addesses
  • You can use link aggregation IEEE 802.3ad (NetApp multimode VIF with IP aliases)
Еще, презентация инженеров NetApp на VMworld по этому вопросу.

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